lion attacks car
YouTube: The Lion Whisperer

Lion Attacks Car With People Still Inside


I've got to say, watching these lions attacking a car was pretty crazy, but what's even wilder than that is the fact that this guy filming is just fearlessly walking around out there. No protection, no vehicle, but he's just hanging out with the lions with no problems. The people in the SUV, on the other hand, have themselves a bit of a problem. These lions are all over them, which you can see in the above video.

I guess it makes sense that this guy's YouTube channel is called The Lion Whisperer. He's clearly spent some time out there with the big cats. On this particular day, those lions were not up for entertaining some random sightseers on their territory. At first, we only see one lion putting its paws on the SUV, and it's intrigued by the humans inside. The guy filming tries to get the attention of the lion, but it starts pawing at the side-view mirror instead. The Lion Whisperer later suggests that the folks start driving away to avoid any more damage, after the lion breaks off the mirror.

Once the Toyota starts driving off, we see two more lions join the first one in chasing the car down. Luckily, the guide knows exactly what to do, and tells them to keep on driving. Eventually, the lions all lose interest in chasing them, and decide to call it quits. The video just gets more and more interesting as The Lion Whisper then approaches the group of lions without any fear at all. One of them paws at the guy almost like it were trying to say, "Hey, why didn't you go and chase that car with us?"


This was certainly some interesting content. The Lion Whisper has a ton of these sort of videos on his page, if you're interested in checking more of them out. It's unfortunate that this driver ended up with a broken mirror, but at least they got everyone out of there safely. Maybe, next time, the lions will be in a slightly better mood.

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