hot tub in truck bed
YouTube: Stefan Lewis

Buddies Drive Around in a Truck Bed Hot Tub, and Even Hit Up a McDonald's Drive-Thru


The weather is warming up. All across the country, Americans will start to enjoy some fun in the sun. This fun often involves water. Waterparks, pools, surfing. We love keeping cool by staying close to the water. Folks will fill anything with water and call it a pool these days. Americans can turn anything into a pool or hot tub, from holes to large containers to truck beds.

Truck bed pools and hot tubs aren't all that uncommon, especially in the country. Why shell out thousands on a pool when your truck bed can keep you just as cool with nothing but a garden hose? Switch that baby to hot water, and you've got a makeshift hot tub. That's exactly what YouTuber Stefan Lewis and his boys did for a video, but they raised the stakes. They got mobile with their truck bed hot tub and took it to a drive-thru!

The Ultimate Truck Bed Hot Tub

The clip was from December 2020 when it was 37 degrees out, so the gang warmed the water up to about 110 degrees. The fellas hopped into the truck bed hot tub in swim trunks and hoodies, causing one bizarre scene. They decided to hit up their local Mickey D's to grab some grub in their tub. The guys managed to run up a $45 drive-thru bill at McDonald's, and their tub immediately got the attention of folks nearby.


The person in the car behind them in the drive-thru line actually hopped right in the tub with them. When the dudes got their food, they had a hot tub emergency, as the McDonald's brown paper bags began to rip within seconds. They parked, got comfy, and enjoyed one of the strangest meals in recorded history. Here in America, we work hard, play hard, and lounge hard when we get the chance. These dudes got extra comfy, thanks to a sturdy truck, an inflatable, and the guts to ride around town in a makeshift hot tub.

Country livin' is comfy livin', and it's hard to find anything that can compete with this level of chill. Burgers and fries in a hot tub with your buddies sounds like a vacation to me. This YouTuber proves that water equals fun, no matter how hot or cold it is out. This summer, get you some sun and take a dip in the nearest pool or truck bed!

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