buddies tow car without winch
YouTube: ViralHog

Buddies Tow Car Without Winch, and It Gets the Job Done



When it comes to towing vehicles, they do things a little bit differently in Manly, Iowa. Yes, that is, in fact, a real place. I had to look it up just to be sure, but you won't find a more...manly place in the great US of A than this city in Worth County with an estimated population of 1,323.

How exactly do they tow cars in Manly, you ask? Well, by "they," I mean two gentleman in particular, because as you can see in the below video, they didn't need winches to get the job done. Just good ol' fashioned, small town ingenuity. Hell yeah! You gotta love it.

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Pretty sweet, right? As you can probably imagine, this unconventional towing method drew up a decent amount of attention, particularly from the folks who worked at the repair shop.

"We had a customer come to pick up his vehicle that he did not want to fix," reads the video's description. "This customer, along with someone he had along with him, loaded their car into a trailer the redneck way."

The redneck way is right! With one guy in the truck and one guy in the car, they pulled off this winchless transaction pretty damn smoothly. My only question is this: How many takes did they need to get this done?

I've seen enough amateur towing fails in my day to know that pretty much no one gets it right the first time. Then again, maybe these dudes are just the exception to the rule. Which, if that's the case, they could probably make a decent side hustle by teaching prospective DIYers towers the tricks of the trade.


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