florida man dressed as fred flintstone
Pasco Sheriff's Office

Florida Man Dressed as Fred Flintstone Became a Subdivision Celebrity With His Custom Smart Car


Fred Flintstone found himself a long way from Bedrock.

Back in November 2018, the Hanna-Barbera character, a.k.a. Don Swartz, drove around the Wesley Chapel area in a Smart Car that was customized to look a lot like the iconic Flintmobile.

It must've been a slow day in the neighborhood, because Pasco County Sheriff's Office Deputy H. Echevarri decided to use the off-the-wall incident as an opportunity for a traffic stop turned photo op, staging a scene where Swartz got pulled over and cited for speeding by local law enforcement.

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In a Facebook post, the Pasco Sheriff's office joked that Mr. Flintstone "became unruly and had to be detained."

"After further investigation, Mr. Flintstone was issued a Notice To Appear and released. Deputy Echevarria then seized the vehicle which is now part of the PCSO fleet. This is what Intelligence-Led Policing looked like in the stone age," the post read.

"A very special thank you to Mr. and Mrs. Don and Trina Swartz for being such great sports... Yabba Dabba Doo!"


Even if the Florida man wasn't actually breaking any laws, you have to ask yourself what he was doing all dressed up more than a week after Halloween. The costume was one thing, but the whole Flintmobile situation just takes it all to a whole other level. This guy even went as far as to take the doors off and customize the seats.

To be fair, the fact that it's a Florida story makes this way less surprising. Those folks are on a entirely different wavelength.

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This post was originally published on November 13, 2018.


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