RaMeC Firewood processor
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Firewood Processor Slices and Dices Massive Logs in Satisfying Video



Never mind the cost and never mind how much gas, oil, or power it takes to run the damn thing. This firewood processor from Finnish company RaMeC (Raumec Oy) is capable of reducing 14-yard-long logs into piles of firewood ready to burn.

Even if you don't plan on getting one of these, you need to check out one of them in action. They're absolute BEASTS.

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How does it all work? Well, as you can see from the specs below, a RaMec firewood processor is expertly engineered to be a super-efficient, log-splitting, firewood-processing dynamo.

Per Sportkhana:

This complex piece of wood-splitting equipment is examined up close and personal, including an intimate look at its swing range, splitter head change and adjustment, splitter vertical adjustment, three separate jaws, two separate split cylinders and its harvester saw with adjustable speed and quick movement.


It features a hydraulically controlled rotating wedge swivel bank that can process four unique cuts of firewood, and the harvester saw offers a fifth cut of neat round slices. It can process wood up to 45 feet long, and 20" in diameter. The wood is grasped by three jaws and advanced by two split cylinders, eliminating the need for a log deck or conveyor. The harvester saw blade, essentially a fast moving chainsaw built into the processor, is designed to cut nearly any type of wood, and each section of wood is processed in just seconds.
Attach the firewood processor to a harvester or similar equipment and you can conveniently process firewood at a job site over a container or truck, meaning no heavy lifting and loading required.

Firewood anyone? You easily churn out a year's-worth of bonfires with this epic wood-cutting machine!

This post was originally published on March 1, 2019.


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