Homemade Front Mount ATV Mower
YouTube: Donn DIY

DIY Master Builds Front-Mounted ATV Mower out of Spare Parts


This right here is an example of a man who knows how to get it done. YouTuber Donn DIY consistently uploads videos showing the world what project he's working on, but this one in particular is pretty unique.

Finding a front- or rear-mounted lawnmower attachment for an ATV could run you thousands of dollars normally. This guy made this entire thing out of recycled parts, most of which have already been reused two to three times. I can't say I have the mechanical skill to do this myself, but it's beyond satisfying to watch the mower being made piece by piece. His house looks like a fabricator's dream home, with every single tool you could ever imagine. However, if you're looking to finally see this machine in action, head towards the end of the video.

The final result features a 1.4-meter deck with electrical deck height adjustments. A Honda GX340 general purpose engine powers the mower, and the four-wheel trolley system keeps it level to the ground while going over uneven areas. Donn also reveals his plans to install both a remote kill switch and throttle. Underneath, it has three rotors and 12 flying blades, capable of chopping up even the thickest of grass. While using it for the first time, he does point out some of the small issues, such as the gearing, but it's clear that it still works like a charm, so I'd consider that a success.

I'm truly impressed with this guy's creation here. This is DIY on a whole different level, but if you don't mind a little hard work, the video essentially shows you exactly how to create your very own. If you're looking to research some other projects for the future, definitely go and check out his channel.

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