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Hitch-Mounted Toilet Called "Bumper Dumper" Is an Actual Product You Can Buy

Look, everyone loves some good old-fashioned outdoor activities from time to time. With off-road driving and camping in particular, you're going to be spending a fair amount of time in the middle of nowhere, so why not make your adventure a little more comfortable when nature calls?

Introducing the Bumper Dumper, the original hitch-mounted portable toilet. A made-in-USA product, this bad boy can help take the wild out of the wilderness for many outdoor enthusiasts. This stand-alone unit is a must-have if you're wanting to add some ease to your next off-road trip, and it's small enough to pack into any open space you have in the truck.

What to Know About the Bumper Dumper

This hitch-mountable portable toilet seat utilizes the standard 2x2 hitch receiver, making it extremely versatile to use on practically any vehicle. It also uses a standard-size toilet seat, which makes customization a possibility as well. You want a cushioned seat for additional comfort? It should be no problem to swap them out. Even further, this thing can hold up to 350 pounds on the seat. Also available is the optional TP holder, because let's be honest, toilet paper is much more practical than some leaves off a tree. Porta Pottys are old news, because with this, you can take care of business with any scenic view your heart desires, assuming it's a private enough location.

This product includes the trailer hitch mount and the seat. Many of its users will also place a 5-gallon bucket and a trash bag underneath for easy cleanup, although it's not always required depending on where you're at. If you order one, and it happens to be damaged during shipping, this company even has a return policy that will get a brand new one to you.

Step your outdoor game up with the ultimate portable toilet seat. The original Bumper Dumper is available to purchase on Amazon, or through the website directly (http://bumperdumper.com). The kit is priced online at $79.95 for the hitch-mounted seat, with the optional $5.00 for the TP holder. They sell T-shirts as well, if you're interested. Truly not a bad deal, considering the impact it could have on your outdoor experience.

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