guy riding big wheel in traffic

Man Rides Big Wheel on Philadelphia Highway


There are wacky people everywhere in the US of A. It's just a simple fact. I don't care if you live on the West Coast, the East Coast, or smack dab in the middle of Heartland America. No place in this great country is without its crazy contingent. That being said, there's a special breed of American crazy that lives in the great city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

I'm not sure if there's something in the water or what, but a good chunk of Philadelphians just seem to live by a different set of laws than the rest of us.

Take this gentleman, for example, who thought it would be a great idea to maneuver his way around Interstate 76 traffic in a freakin' Big Wheel tricycle.


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A grown man weaving in and out of traffic in a painfully slow Big Wheel is basically only something you'd see in Philly. Thank god for cell phone videos though, because this I-76 insanity is something you really have to see to believe.

Judging from the way this man pedals, he doesn't even seem all that concerned by the insanity of the situation. I mean, the guy is causing a full-on traffic jam, but he just calmly carries on as if nothing strange is happening. It really is a shock this dude didn't cause some sort of road-rage incident, because he seems to be doing a bang-up job of pissing off just about every driver on the road.

Anyway, speaking off off-the-wall Philadelphia highway shenanigans, here's bonus footage of what can only be described as an ill-advised way to cool down a car engine while on a busy city highway.


Again, only in Philly.

This post was originally published on July 19, 2018.

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