Anti-Tank Gun vs. Running Truck Engine
YouTube: Demolition Ranch

Anti-Tank Gun vs. Old Chevy Truck for Epic Destruction


If you've ever seen the videos that Matt Carriker from Demolition Ranch has made in the past, then you know he's a guy that loves to destroy things in very unique ways. For this video released in September, he decides to try something he's always wanted to do. That is, shooting a running truck engine directly with an anti-tank round to see what would happen.

In order to do this, he picked himself up an older body style Chevrolet truck and linked up with the guys at Drive Tanks over at the Ox Ranch in Uvalde, Texas. The pickup truck was pretty beat up, but it had a running engine (barely), and that's all that mattered. They limped it out toward the end of the shooting range and made their way back to set up the German Pak-40 anti-tank gun they planned on shooting it with. This weapon is actually surprisingly accurate, so they chose to go with this one so that they could nail a shot through the engine on the first attempt.

After a quick rundown on how to operate the weapon, Matt fires off the shot, and the round goes right through the front of the truck, completely destroying it in the process. Unfortunately, it didn't go through the center of the engine block like they planned, but it certainly did enough to end the life of this old truck. The shot created a continuous hole from the front to the back of the truck and continued on to hit the dirt mound behind it.


It was pretty impressive to see what kind of damage this weapon is capable of. When the Pak-40 goes off, you can almost feel the power through the screen as it puts off a massive shockwave. Oddly enough, if you were in the driver's seat of this truck, you probably would have made it out alive, although I doubt anyone would want to be the one volunteering for that position. Demolition Ranch certainly never fails to provide some explosive content to the viewers, so I'd check them out if you want to see more content like this.

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