woman gets 121 mph speeding ticket
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Woman Gets Clocked at 121 MPH, and Her Excuse Is "It Just Doesn't Seem Like Something I Would Do"


Getting caught speeding is never a fun scenario, but if you manage to get clocked at triple digits like this lady, you better hope that you get an understanding officer, because it can turn into a really bad day.

It's not exactly the easiest task to persuade a police officer that you were going 121 MPH by accident, but this woman sure tried her best to talk her way out of this situation. When the cop turned his lights on and flipped around, she knew that she was caught red-handed. You can tell by the way she immediately pulls over.

Initially, she starts talking about how the turbo power caught her by surprise and that the car just took off as she came over the hill. Sure, those turbos can be a little peppy, but let's get real, the top speed of a 2018 turbo Jetta is right around 127 MPH. You don't just get that close to your top speed by mistake. You've got to be pretty much completely full throttle at that point.


The cop doesn't buy it and lets her know just how fast she was actually going. He even claims it was one of the fastest speeds he had ever caught someone doing. She obviously knew she was speeding, but explained to the cop she thought her speed was closer to 100 MPH.

I give her credit, she really did try to come up with some excuses on the fly. One of my favorites was when she says, "It just doesn't seem like something I would do." I mean, how did that not work? After collecting her information and checking legality of her vehicle, the officer writes up the 121 MPH speeding ticket and hands it to her.

In all honesty, I'd say she's pretty lucky to just come out of this with only a ticket. At those speeds, they could hit you with a wide variety of charges, and you could get your car impounded or your license revoked. The other options are much more expensive and time consuming than just paying a ticket. It happens to the best of us from time to time, but if I were her, I'd frame that speeding ticket. It's not common to be able to drive away after something like that, so I guess her smooth talking worked to some extent.

This post was originally published on May 7, 2020.


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