You won't believe what it was like driving through New York City in the 1930s


Driving in New York City can be a little crazy, but with 8.5 million people what do you expect? Believe it or not, there were simpler times on the streets of NYC. You do have to go back in time about 90 years, but that's besides the point.

The New Yorker recently made a super slick video filming what it's like driving down Manhattan streets currently and then put it side by side with footage from the 1930s. What's really neat is seeing streets, buildings and monuments that aside from being filmed in black and white look exactly the same as today.
It's hard not to envy the freedom motorists had back then even in the most populated city in the country.  Now if only we could transport a few of our best back in time.  Imagine the fun you could have with a C7 Corvette Z06 on those open roads, just be mindful of the horses.