Woman Gets Birthday Present 43 years in the Making

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BPRwz1Aqa2A%5D

Watch Terry Dietrich be reunited with her Corvette Stingray that was stolen 43 years earlier! Terry was barely 20 years old in 1972 when she worked herself to the bone to save up enough money to buy her dream car: A Corvette Stingray. She only had the car for 6 months before it was stolen from her!

Now, 43 years later an insurance agent came out of retirement to deliver her newly found car to her on her 62nd birthday! The car has traded hands throughout the years when a used car dealer wound up with it and couldn't match the vehicle history to the VIN. After some digging around the dealer found old police reports describing the car and realized what he had on his hands! Good for him for finding a way to get it back to her!