This Company Is Solely Dedicated to Doing Retro-Modern SUVs Right

With vintage SUVs being all the craze these days, it's not all that surprising that there is a company out there that is solely dedicated to the restoration of the beloved Toyota Land Cruiser.

Based out of Miami, Florida, the FJ Company doesn't just simply restore original Land Cruisers, but also offers a model designated the "Sport," which keeps the classic look while adding all the modern features we love in today's vehicles.

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You can order your custom Cruiser with a slew of options and features, including a fuel-injected six cylinder engine with 210 horsepower and a choice of either a manual transmission or a five-speed automatic. Modern marvels like air conditioning, stereo systems, backup cameras, custom seats, and LED lighting just scratch the surface of how you can spec your new truck.

Per The FJ Company:

The exterior is your blank canvas. We custom build each Land Cruiser to meet the preferences of our clients. Color, hard top vs. soft top, bumpers, accessories, tire size...just about every aspect of your dream Land Cruiser can be customized. And you can see it all using our website.

And of course, there's the option of doing the more traditional FJ40, or an FJ43 which has a slightly longer wheel base and additional cargo space.

With a shop like The FJ Company, mostly everything is on the table, so as long as funds allow. You can make your truck completely unique on the inside and totally classic on the outside. Prices start at $90,000 for the modern Sport model, and you can even pick your donor Land Cruiser and receive updates on its progress. How awesome is that?!

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