This re-imagined Porsche looks like something Mad Max would be proud to drive

So, clearly, the Mad Max comparison is a tad bit off. First, Mad Max vehicles looked like this:


YouTube Screen Shot

And this amazing monster from Danton Arts Kustom looks like this:


Twitter / Dutch Arts Kustom

Give it this --- the V8 powered Rat Rod 964 is bad ass enough to even bring Mad Max to his knees. Jalopolink put it best when it said:

Not only was the 964's air-cooled flat-six removed and replaced by a Ford big block V8, but the whole body has been chopped, stretched, and dropped to what can only be described as some kind of mutation between a one of Germany's finest cars combined with a gnarly American hot rod.

Don't believe it? What about this?

And, there's this.

Auto Evolution says the entire project took less than a year and will be on display at the Monaco International Auto Show.

This makes going to Monaco even more attractive.