This Plymouth is the Bel-vedere of the ball, and it’s too tricked out to turn into a pumpkin


Back in its day, the Plymouth Belvedere was the car for everyone. You could buy a two- or four-door sedan, a station wagon, or even a snazzy convertible. But as is life, all good things come to an end, after beginning production in 1959, the last Belvedere rolled off the Chrysler assembly line in 1970.

But now, a car shop in a small Illinois town has been building, as host Mike Musto describes, the best coach built hot rods the world has ever seen.

Enter the Northern Bel.


This 1966 Belvedere is not an ordinary car, and Musto says it just might be the greatest Belvedere ever made. He takes us on a tour of how this car was crafted - he draws a distinction between building and crafting - and shows us how the machine purrs.

Here's the YouTube description

Something wonderful happens when you combine passion and drive with a good old fashion work ethic and family values. Meet Northern Bel, the 1966 Plymouth Belvedere that was conceived by owner David Meyer and then brought to life by coachbuilder Troy Trepanier. About as tastefully done as one can get, this old Plymouth packs a 526 cubic inch HEMI, twin rear-mounted turbochargers and enough power to launch it to the moon if you placed it vertically. If you've ever wondered what the ultimate Belvedere looked like, well... Here you go.

Yes, here we go!