This Ford was the NASCAR aero-car you probably didn't know about



The Muscle car era of the 60s and 70s was all about competition and brand rivalries.  Although most of this was done on the street late at night or at your local drag strip, some of the fiercest battles were fought at NASCAR races.

When you think Muscle cars, taking turns typically doesn't come to mind. In order to compete, auto manufactures made extensive modifications not only to power plants, transmission, steering and suspension, but also to aerodynamics.


Dominating NASCAR supperspeedway racing in 1968-69 was the Ford Torino.  The fastback roofline provided a wind-cutting effect that gave Ford the edge over the competition.  Dodge quickly responded  with the Dodge Charger 500 and it was game on from there.

In order to retake their title Ford eventually came up with the 1970 Ford Torino King Cobra Boss 429.  This Torino came with 700 horsepower, a four speed manual transmission and most of the body design emphasizing aerodynamics shown in the slopped front bumper and large grill.

In order for a car like the Modified Torino King Cobra to race at NASCAR, manufactures would have to build a minimum of 500 normal production versions of the car to sell publicly. During the production of the prototype King Cobra NASCAR increased this number to 3,000.  This led to Ford discontinuing the project after only three prototypes were produced.

With the history and ultra low production numbers, there is no surprise these car pull in top dollar.  The one you see in the video is listed by RK motors for $440,000.


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