The Improbable Street Cred of The Honda Civic Hatchback

Late 80's and early 90's Honda Civic hatchbacks will turn just as many heads at car meet as a kitted-out Charger. Having owned an '87 Civic DX hatch myself, I can attest to the seemingly unearned curb appeal. I couldn't drive my little sub-100 horsepower hatch around without someone offering to buy it. I could never figure it out. These cars are economical, sure. That's what they were built to be: fuel efficient city commuter cars with ample cargo and passenger space. But that is it with these peppy little hatchbacks. They're light, but there's nothing to them. No frills. No power steering. No automatic anything. They move forward, but you're doing the speed limit on the highway. So why does everyone love these little cars? Two words: fun, and experience.