The era of the Land Yacht is over


Land yachts like this Continental are good for slowly crawling down the Las Vegas strip, shadily staring at Mafiosos, or just rocking down to your local bingo joint for the bi-weekly half-price, double-prize event. #GetLitFam.

But the land yacht family of cars is terrible on re-sale value, especially this 1978 Lincoln Continental, a beautiful, but ultimately financially worthless, car.

Tyler Hoover featured the car on his Hoovies Garage channel and outlined the seemingly endless stream of malfunctions, repairs, and phantom buyers.

Hoover bought the Continental from a Las Vegas man, because of course he did, for $9,000. Shortly after it arrived in Kansas, the car's engine burst into flames and Hoover discovered a few leaks . . . everywhere. $4,000 worth of repairs later (a few other things went wrong), and Hoover was selling it back to the original owner for, wait for it, $6,400. And in case, you're worrying about the Continental's future, it's being gifted to an 84-year-old man, where it will hopefully cause much less grief.


Talk about a dud.

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