Superformance's GT40 punishes the track for a bargain


If you weren't one of the very few lucky people approved by Ford to buy a new $450,000 Ford GT, you may still be in luck. For less than half the cost of the Eco-boost V-6 GT, you buy a continuation of the Le Mans winning 1966 GT40 from Superformance in South Africa.

A continuation car is one built off the original blue prints and specs of a classic car. These cars are usually all hand built and some, like continuation Aston Martins and Jaguars, can sell well into the millions. The Superformance GT40 is a bargain at only $180,000. These amazing machines are of such good build quality that Shelby sells them from their official dealer in the USA with multiple different power train combos. Around two-thirds of the chassis is interchangeable with the original GT40, showing attention to detail was a top priority. The car is so authentic that you receive a GT40/P chassis number and the car is eligible for the official GT40 registry.

This particular Superformance GT40 was put through its paces by DriveTribe's Jethro Bovingon and features a 7.0 liter Roush V8 small block that makes, "somewhere around 550 hp." The GT40 can be ordered with a big or small block engine and comes standard with Bilstein coil overs, original-style steel monocoque chassis, pressed steel roof, engine oil cooler, and even air conditioning. What is really neat is that you can order the car in either right or left hand drive even though the originals were all piloted from the right side.

In the video, Jethro's permanent grin is evidence that this GT40 plays the part of track rat very well. With no electronics to intervene and a true manual gearbox, this is about as raw of a driving experience as one can get. Let's just hope none of these end up in the wrong hands and on the next "leaving cars and coffee" crash video.