See which Shelby GT350 real Mustang owners prefer

Do you cry during sappy romantic chick flicks?  Maybe not, but if you're a car person this one might get some tears flowing.

The guys at Gears and Gasoline put together an awesome comparison between a 1966 Shelby GT350 Mustang and a brand new one. The difference here and what makes it so special is that the owner of the 66 GT350 test drives the new one and vice versa. Getting reactions from two totally different generations reviewing each others cars is amazing.

First, we see the Grandpapa bear's 1966 Shelby and learn that, although not original, its modified engine, transmission, wheels, front end and numerous other parts are period correct and set up just like a Shelby would be for racing at that time. The car is a verified Shelby GT350 and the owner Bob estimates it's pushing about 375 horsepower with its current setup.

Next, we get to check out Sam's 2017 GT350 that's factory rated at 526 horsepower with an 8,250 rpm redline. Sam uses the car for cruising around with his family and the occasional spirited run on a twisty back road.

Bob drives the 2017 first and states:
"I've not driven a new GT350 but uh part of the reason is I'm afraid. People say why are you afraid? I would say I'm afraid I would enjoy it so much I'd buy one."
"You can drive this car all day long, I could drive it cross country in three days no problem."
Sam gets in the 66 next and lets us know he's only driven one classic car before, a 57 Chevy Belair. One of his first impressions of the car is probably due to the 4 two barrel carburetors as he states:
"There's a smell to it too, the cars running a little rich gasoline coming out of the exhaust but it gives you a good experience."
"That's a long shifter, where's the short shifter on this thing?"
Both Bob and Sam had a great time in each of the cars and it was clear there is a mutual respect between the owners, even though the cars themselves are worlds apart. Even with the technology and performance of cars getting better every year, we don't forget where we came from. It's a rare trait in modern times as many other tangible objects are thrown away and forgotten after they become obsolete.
Enjoy the video and after put the Kleenex away and go do a burnout or something.