One of Hollywood’s most legendary cars may have reappeared after 50 years

The 1968 movie, "Bullitt," was known for Steve McQueen and his Highland Green 1968 Mustang GTs.

That's GTs, plural. That's because there were two cars in the movie - the pristine car that was kept all pretty and the stunt car used in the movie's classic chase scenes, like this one:

Legend has it that the stunt car was so badly beaten up during filming that it ended up in the junk yard.

Not so fast.

Fox News is reporting that a man named Fede Garza claims he owns the car used in the chase scenes, and the take is fascinating.

Garza belongs to the Vintage Mustang Forum and posted this simple message:

"And to think this almost got made in to an Eleanor.... I'm very lucky I got to sit in it, I hope it gets restored properly.... where's Jerry Heasly when you need him the most."

Fox Sports says Garza was going to restore the Mustang and make it a replica of the car Eleanor in Gone in Sixty Seconds. But the car restoration company researched the VIN number and it supposedly matches the Mustang that was long assumed to be gone.

One of the foremost experts in classic Fords, Kevin Marti of Marti Auto Works, told Fox News he's planning a trip to Mexico - that's where the Mustang is - to authenticate the car.

The Vintage Mustang Board is full of chatter that the car has in fact been authenticated, but there hasn't been any independent confirmation yet.