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Starting With the 23-HP Daimler Phoenix, Here's a Look at the Most Powerful Cars Since 1900

Many things have changed in the automotive world over the last century. However, there's one that hasn't, and that's the desire for more horsepower. People love powerful vehicles, and throughout the years, automakers have been making more and more improvements to the powertrains of their lineups. So, which ones have the most horsepower? Well, Donut Media decided to put together a video showcasing the fastest cars available every year since the 1900s.

The first car featured is the Daimler Phoenix, which was manufactured in 1900 and came with a whopping 23 horsepower. Just 10 years later, the most powerful car, the Isotta Fraschini Tipo KM, saw a nice bump up to 120 horsepower. What's particularly interesting around this era was that Mercedes came back as the leader, when they created the Benjaminz 82/200. This vehicle made 200 horsepower and was equipped with an absolutely massive 21-liter engine. They only made it for one year, so in the years that followed, automakers still stuck around the 100-horsepower range.

Let's move further down the years to 1986, when Ford released the RS200 Evolution, which came with 580 horsepower. It was a truly wicked car, and it became extremely popular in rally racing. In 1990, Lamborghini brought out the Diablo, making it the most powerful vehicle available. But, just a year later, Bugatti took over, when they released the EB 110 with 553 horses under the hood.

As things got more modern, we saw vehicles such as the 1300-horsepower SSC Ultimate Aero TT, which dominated for numerous years around 2010. If you're curious what 2020 had to offer, the most powerful car of this crazy year was the Koenigsegg Jesko Absolut that churned out 1,603 horsepower.

They don't go beyond 2020 in the video, but looking into 2021, the most powerful car would probably be the Lotus Evija, which makes 1,973 horsepower. Needless to say, we've come a long way since 1900!

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This post was originally published on January 11, 2021.

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