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There are so few stories that are truly inspiring. With any passion project, it’s a blessing from the gods of fortune to come across an individual whose trudged away at a grindstone of passion to build something beautiful.

Thank you, Donny Gillies, for being one of those people. Gillies is an amazing artist; he’s been commissioned by Metallica for six month’s of mural painting. His life is art, and he’s been rewarded with two sick classic cars for it.

First off is Vandolf, the 1973 Dodge shorty van. Gillies dove deep into vintage van culture for this tricked out, period shorty. The interior plays to the immense strengths of shag carpeting and plank siding, and the swiveling captain’s chairs up front and mini heads on the doors all combine to transport riders back to the 70’s. Of course, Gillies did all the airbrushing himself, and, in true artist fashion, he made it up as he went along.

The second car in Gillie’s garage is a murdered out 1969 Plymouth Satellite, funded by art. The matte hood and glossy sides give the Satellite a textured look without straying too far from its classic muscle car roots. At the end of the day, it’s exactly the car you want to be sitting in when the red light turns green.

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