You may have forgotten the Marauder, but you'll always know when one is behind you

For the people who wan't to make stoners crap their pants but find the Police Intercepter to be too mainstream, I present to you the Mercury Marauder, swan song of the Ford Panther body.

Seriously, slap a roof rack on it. Why? Because you like Ikea and skiing? No, because you're a mean sob who enjoys watching people suffer. Driving a Marauder with a roof rack is the equivalent of having the definition of schadenfreude tattooed on your face. Everyone will know who you are at all times, and you'll probably have one or two friends total but both of them will probably buy you NRA bumper stickers for Christmas. Hopefully, you understand the used Marauder target audience now.

The Marauder does have one cool thing going for it, other than looking like an extra out of The Wire (best show ever): It's sporting a double-overhead cam, 4.6 liter V-8. Yeah, your uncle's "cop" buddy has some go working for him.

By the way, this is still a panther body.

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