Are you weird enough to own this CRX HF convertible?

Straight out of the 80's you have the opportunity to buy a 1986 Honda CRX HF convertible. Convertible? Sure, it's as weird as it sounds, but it might be worth it because there were only a few hundred factory authorized conversions made. ever.

The convertible modification was made by Straman Coachworks in Costa Mesa, California. Anyone with a CRX and $5,000 to spare could sign up for their car to go under the transition, but, since it was so expensive, few were produced, making them a super rare find.

Now, one has popped up on Autotrader. It's not fast; the car still has the original 1.5-liter HF engine, which makes it an insanely good commuter car, when your gas mileage is 50-miles to the gallon, so you might not mind vacating suburbia everyday for a job in the city. And you could own the odd piece of history for relatively cheap, only $6,000.

Done deal, right?

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