Even a Demon would be afraid of this Trans Am 455 Super Duty


It's amazing that we've been without the Pontiac Trans Am for fifteen years now.  My first car was a 1988 Trans Am GTA with a 350 engine and t-tops.  I thought I was the coolest kid in high school my first day pulling in, tops off blasting Guns N' Roses.

I had pictured my high school Trans Am debut for years prior. I pull in, everything goes slow motion, people drop their backpacks and girls can't stop staring. I park right up front and half the school surrounds my brand new fire breathing Bird just waiting to get a glimpse.

Slight issue with that fantasy. It was 2002 and working at Burger King only allowed me to purchase a thoroughly beat down TA with a 100k on the clock, rust holes and a slight oil burning issue. To complete the failure, it literally snapped a ball joint in the parking lot the first day and was towed away in front of everyone. Oh, and I went to an all boys school, so ya.

Nevertheless, I'm a die hard Trans Am fan, current owner and luckily not the only one. Brothers Tod and Scott Warmack along with Jim Dowling of Tallahassee, FL own Trans Am World wide. After teaming up with graphic designer Kevin Morgan to secure the rights to the Trans Am brand, they offer resto-mods, classic restorations and, most recently, produve modern Trans Ams using current GM platforms. Recently, their 5th Gen Camaro-based Trans Am paid tribute to the the 70s classic Smokey and Bandit. Complete with an autograph by none other than Burt Renolds. The latest version of the World Wide Trans Am leaves little to be desired and a lot to be feared even if you plan on adding a Demon to your flock.


The first Trans Am to be built on the Alpha platform of the 6th Gen Camaro will boast 1000 horsepower and 1046 lb-ft of torque using normal pump gas. This is all done with a 455 CI V8 based on the current LT1 engines we see in the Camaro. Naturally, the motor gets assistance from a 2.3 litre Magnuson blower pushing 14 psi of boost.  The engine is still direct injected and uses ceramic coated headers along with 3 inch exhaust to breath.  Although not even close to a factory car, it's fun to point out that this Trans Am produces 192 HP more than the Dodge Demon when both are restrained to normal pump gas.

The inspiration for this Bird comes from the very desirable 1970-73 Super Duty Trans Am. This explains why they choose 455 cubic inches of America under the hood.  The styling really pays homage to the original Super Duty:

The Origianl


The Super Duty goes to the first 50 people who fill out all the needed paper work and put down a non-refundable $3,000 deposit. After you are assigned a slot in the production calendar, you will be expected to pay for 60% of the the total build price. Priority will be given to the 77 people who bought the Bandit Edition TA. Pricing has not been listed yet and there are a few options like bigger Brembo brake and t-tops.
Dreaming of redemption for that dreadful high school day just got a lot sweeter with the new Trans Am 455 Super Duty.