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Richard Rawlings Hits the Jackpot of Classic Cars, From an Original Model A to a 4-Speed Corvette

Richard Rawlings of Gas Monkey Garage isn't the type of guy who gets surprised by much. In fact, his ability to look at a heap of rust and imagine what it could become regularly impresses folks who tune in to Fast N' Loud on the Discovery Channel.

So, what does it take to make Richard's jaw drop? Enter Richard Cox, professional clock maker and self-described "car hoarder." This guy has it all.

The first sign of what's to come in this episode is Cox's Alice In Wonderland-worthy network of garage doors. To the unsuspecting audience member, surely there can't be a car behind each door, right? But, the sweet, cherry-fine classic cars keep coming and coming.

Mustang convertible? That's Richard Cox's baby. Firebird? Corvette? Model A? '69 Javelin? They're all here in a pack that would give most classic car collectors the vapors.

But, there's just one problem: Cox isn't a seller. In fact, he's the one getting the vapors at the idea of parting with any of his particularly curated personal collection.

At the same time, Cox admits that a lot of these vehicles haven't run for 10-15 years. Now, we all know, that's no way to treat a car, especially one you love, covet, and protect.

There is, however, hope in the form of Cox's barn car collection. It appears he's rescued a bunch of farm-fresh classic vehicles from barns across the area, but much to Rawlings' dismay, he's just stuck them in another barn.

Will Richard Rawlings and Richard Cox be able to make a deal? There's a lot of sweet chrome in these garages, but it seems that only the barn cars are for sale. Rawlings has worked with a lot of tough cookies, and brought plenty of rust buckets back to life, but how is he going to deal with this class car "hoarder?"

Check out the above clip for a car collection that can give any amateur hoarder the chrome sweats. Would you go with the farm-fresh Challenger, or try your luck on one of Cox's "babies?"

This post was originally published on April 21, 2021.

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