Classic '63 Corvette Stingray vs. 2014 Stingray


AutoTrader has posted a great comparison video of the 1963 Stingray Coupe against the latest Stingray on the roads today. There's so much hand woven detail and craftsmanship put into every inch of the classic '63 Stingray. From a design stand point it's just far too iconic for the new Stingray to even compare. Today's model has such laser precision and accuracy in it's design that when comparing to two cars from their respective times, it's really sad to see the look and feel of the '63 Stingray no longer around.

From a power standpoint however, things have come a long way for today's model. The '63 Stingray isn't particularly fast by today's standards but the new model has a bigger V8 (376 cubic inches) with a great 455 HP. Both are extraordinary cars but there's something so classic about the '63 Stingray that I'd have to pick it over today's model every time.