A forgotten Shelby creation went up for auction


Last week's Barrett-Jackson auction saw an interesting piece of automotive history cross the block --- a 1989 Dodge Shelby Dakota.

Turns out Carroll Shelby wasn't exactly the monogamous type and ended up aligning himself with both Dodge and Ford during his prestigious career making things that go fast, go faster.

The Shelby Dakota was the first Dakota actually fitted with a V8, and it was the first rear-wheel-drive V8 Shelby had produced in years. But it still came out looking beautiful, with a 5.2-liter V8 sending out 175 horsepower to the truck.

The Shelby Dakota ran for one year of production and less than 1,500 were ever made. Combine that with the interesting trivia fact about Shelby and Dodge, and you have an obvious collector car on your hands.


That alone would make the auction item remarkable, but it turns out that this particular Shelby Dakota was the first, and it was, at one time, a part of Shelby's personal collection.

H/T: CarScoops