Early C4 Corvettes personified the 80's better than any other car



The 1980s were totally awesome. Technology and computers were booming and marketing was aimed towards a digital future. People wanted computers, lights, flashing indicators, people wanted their own Millennial Falcon, their own Star Ship Enterprise, DeLorean, Knight Rider, remember Tron? You get the idea.

What better way to play into the theme than introducing the new totally redesigned Corvette? The new 'Vette had a crazy, never before seen digital dash using 14 separate readouts, electronically controlled manual trans (The "Doug Nash" 4+3 trans was basically a 4 speed manual attached to an automatic overdrive), cross fire fuel injection and a commercial where the car is basically navigating through a slalom course lit up with light sabers.

Oddly enough, all this stuff went away on the C4 a few years later. The digital dash turned mostly analog, they dumped cross fire fuel injection and the weird trans disappeared. But hey, we will always have sweet commercials like this one to remind us of our past, as embarrassing as it may be.


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