Automotive Americana is on display in D.C.


It's nearly impossible to find anything the D.C. population will stop and mutually admire. And, with stress and pressure mounting on both sides of the aisle, the Historic Vehicle Association may have found away to bring at least a few members of the beltway crowd together.

In partnership with the Library of Congress and the Department of the Interior, the Historic Vehicle Association is showcasing one of America's greatest legacies on the National Mall: Car culture.

If you walk outside the Capital Building, you will lay your eyes on a voluptuous 1951 Mercury Coupe, coined the Hirohata Merc; the McGee Roadster, a bare-bones example of the hotrod era; and the irreplaceable Gypsy Rose, Jesse Valadez's famous '64 Impala.


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Each of these beauties will spend a week at the base of the Washington Monument enshrined in glass, and it's a little comforting to know that, in a time when people are so concerned over the fate of our country, folks from both parties will be able to stop and fantasize about a cross-country road trip behind the wheel of some old-fashioned Americana.