The 1978 AMC AMX Commercial Was as Embarrassing as the Car Itself

Back in 1968, American Motor Corporation (AMC) created one of the most unique cars in the muscle car era. The AMX was an AMC Javelin with a shorter wheel base and was available with a seriously potent 390 cubic inch V8 engine pushing 315 horsepower and 425 ft-lbs of torque. Unfortunately, the "affordable muscle car" was canceled after a short production run spanning only two model years (1968-1970). AMC continued and, a few short years later, right in the middle of quite possibly the worst era in automotive history, the AMC AMX came back. But not in a good way.

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In 1977, the AMX returned as a replacement on the AMC Hornet and the AMC Matador. One year later, you could get a Concord AMX with an embarrassing 130 horsepower from their 304 cubic inch V-8. Produced until 1983, the AMX was offered in a number of different body styles, including "four-door sedan, two-door coupe (through 1982), three-door hatchback (through 1979), and four-door station wagon forms." It just never really took off, and this embarrassing AMX ad from back in the day shows just how much of a losing effort it really was.

In what is probably the most cringeworthy automotive commercial in the world, AMC shows off its new AMX. Pay close attention to how the sounds don't really match what's going on. Plus, you never really see the car burn out. Now, we know that's because it physically couldn't, but they could've at least laid down some water and made it happen. I mean, come on.

We know there's been plenty of failed sports cars over the years, but wow. Just wow.

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