1955 Mercedes 300SL Gullwing Found Hidden In Aircraft Hanger 40 years later


Like a time capsule for supercar enthusiasts, an airplane hanger in Oregon was opened to reveal a 40-year-old secret, a 1955 Mercedes 300SL in near pristine condition. The classic sportster with its iconic Gullwing doors was purchased by Sid Nygren, a former U.S. Merchant Marine engineer and aviation enthusiast. In 1976 he put his beloved Mercedes in his airplane hanger for storage. Over the next 40 years he would occasionally start his hidden treasure for a brief joy fride around the airfield, but it otherwise never touched pavement. Three years after Mr. Nygren's death in 2013, his stepson found the secret along with the last record of service in 1974 showing an odometer reading of 30,773 miles. The odometer now reads 31,239. To see learn more about the classic 300SL, watch this episode from Jay Leno's garage!