This beautiful '54 Coupe DeVille holds the keys to the past

Occasionally, a video captures the feelings behind a classic car. It's more than pure mechanical engineering and a hearkening towards old Americana. It's a relationship; the bond is built on memories, and Brock England gets that. He understands something that a lot of owners of newer cars never get to experience.

England owns Clay, a 1954 Cadillac Coupe DeVille in beautiful condition. The car is its own commercial. The chrome, iris blue, and primitive electric windows all come across as pure. To England Clay is more though. Clay represents memory, and in this case that memory is related to a failed relationship, but Clay calls back to the good times. Clay represents being grounded in your past.

That's the truth for a lot of classic car owners. Someone either passed down the car, or a relationship formed during the restoration. Owning a classic means forging a bond. It's why the old mechanical gas guzzlers will always reign supreme.

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