The pros and cons of Cup series drivers in XFinity

Earlier this season, NASCAR announced that Monster Cup Series drivers with more than 5 years of experience would be limited to five Xfinity races a season.

The new rule -- as if NASCAR doesn't have enough rules -- was met with howls of protest from both sides. Cup series drivers don't like limits placed on them; Some XFinity drivers want NASCAR to ban Cup-series drivers from any race.

The Cup Series argument:

The arguments comes down to attendance and sponsorship. In theory, well known drivers like Kevin Harvik and Kyle Busch racing in Xfinity puts more fans in the stands. It also gives sponsors a chance to see that their teams are invested in younger drivers. But, if NASCAR limits those opportunities,  team won't be able to attract enough sponsors and will have to cut back on developing young talent. Remember, Brad Keselowski operated a Truck Series team at a loss to help develop that young talent (that team has announced it's going out of business). Kyle Busch also operates a Truck Series team and has admitted he pays for some of the costs out of his own pocket. The sponsorship money that flows team finds a way of flowing back down.

The Xfinity argument

Xfinity team don't have as much money as their Cup counterparts. They don't have the most up-to-date equipment, and their cars don't run as fast. Therefore, the Cup guys are taking away win opportunities from lesser known drivers and therefore depriving them of making a name for themselves.

Jeremy Clements, who finally got his first win on the Xfinity circuit, said it best:

Last week's race was spectacular even if I hadn't won. We need a lot more stories like that. We need more opportunities for guys like myself instead of the top guys in Cup getting in (top-dollar) rides and winning every weekend. That's more exciting to me.

I don't blame the Cup guys. I would do it, too. I'm just saying give us a chance. I mean, who wants to watch that, honestly? I'm glad they're limiting it.

So what do you think?

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