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The EarthRoamer Camper Is the Ultimate Outdoorsman RV

The EarthRoamer interior is all luxury, but take a look at the rugged exterior details that make this camper an off-roader's dream.

Bill Swails, founder and CEO of EarthRoamer, gives a complete tour of the exterior features of the EarthRoamer XV-LTS expedition camper vehicle.

The EarthRoamer is designed to be as close to complete standalone operation without the need for water, power or sewer hook-ups.

Swails says that the company likes to "think of the EarthRoamer Expedition vehicles as 'freedom'...the freedom to travel any season of the year, in any weather condition, to travel any road conditions, including off-road to remote locations, and to be very comfortable once you get there."

There are plenty of great security and safety features on the EarthRoamer, including advantageously located exterior LED lights and cameras, heavy-duty steel bumpers and power winches, and outer security locks on all of the cab doors.

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There's an almost full-camper-length roll out tarp, access to an outside hot or cold shower, and a pull-out flat screen TV for outside viewing.

A 26-gallon sink and shower gray water tank is easily drained just about anywhere, and a unique European black water waste system allows you to easily handle waste disposal with or without pulling into an RV dump station.

Swails indicates that the wheels, tires and suspension of any off-road vehicle are really the key to true off-road capability. EarthRoamer has accordingly given this aspect of the vehicle a good deal of attention and modification.

The EarthRoamer LTS uses a Continental MPT81 26 ply military tire - mounted on aluminum military bead-lock rims - improving minimum ground clearance to almost 12½ inches. The standard Ford suspension system is replaced with airsprings, giving the driver the ability to level the vehicle regardless of terrain.

Duel fuel tanks combine for 90 gallons or about 1,000 miles worth of fuel.

Storage racks at the rear of the camper may function as simple storage compartments or as containers for an outdoor cook stove or grill.

All of these features and more, make the EarthRoamer into something of a ready-made home on wheels, but a home made for getting back into more remote off-road locations while maintaining a high level of comfort and even luxury.

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