This time, the "world's greatest drag race" takes place on an Air Force Base

The World's Greatest Drag Race is back! And Motor Trend is updating the venue and the lineup for the seventh installment of the ludicrous racing tradition. In previous years the race was held on the deserted runways of Air Station El Toro, a deserted Marine base in Irvine, California. But some developers have decided that the space would be better suited housing people and hosting stores instead of drag races. The Marines would probably disagree, but never mind that.

Now the Air Force has swooped in to save the race, allowing MotorTrend to utilize their very well-maintained, three-mile runway Vandenberg Air Force Base.

But that's not the only change, Motor Trend has added a new competitor to the mix, one that's known for eating people's lunch at the drag strip, the insanely quick Tesla Model S P100D, which is the eventual winner.

It's the best video Motor Trend has put out all year, and it's absolutely worth at least eight views.