Watch Never Before Seen Footage of the McLaren F1's Top Speed Record

On the 25th anniversary of its release in 1992, McLaren released never before seen footage of its F1 road car breaking the production car speed record in 1998. After raising the redline by 1,000 RPM, Andy Wallace achieved 242.9 mph. Because records are set with combined speeds, one run in each direction to account for wind or elevation changes, the official record was set at 240.1 mph. At the end of the run, Wallace notes that the fuel light came on and the transmission temperature reached 130 degrees Celsius but maintains,

"I still say this is the best car ever built, ever, and probably will never be beaten."

While the legendary mid-engined and mid-seated supercar's top speed would be beaten, it held the fastest production title for nine years until the Bugatti Veyron achieved 253.8mph. Its status as one of the best cars ever made remains unchallenged.

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