[WATCH] Mercedes-Benz Has Just Unveiled the World's First True Luxury Truck: The Mercedes-Benz X Class


It's been long rumored and Mercedes-Benz has been teasing the internet with photos leading up until now but they've finally revealed their new pickup truck and it's definitely worth a look at. The Mercedes-Benz X Class is the result of a collaboration between themselves and Renault-Nissan. It shares a few dimensions with the Nissan Navara but everything else about it, from the styling, luxury interior and even the concept video introduction, is all decidedly Mercedes-Benz.
Not a lot of technical specs are out yet but we know it's using a V6 diesel with permanent all-wheel drive and a five-link rear axle. They say it's a global model but there's no specific word on whether or not it'll make it to the US.