Past world champion says one driver's performance was 'embarrassing'


Former Formula 1 champion Jacques Villeneuve had some harsh words for Valtteri Bottas after the Brazilian GP.

Finishing in second place is not usually such a huge disappointment, but Bottas started from the pole but never led a full lap of the race after Sebastian Vettel passed him on the first lap.

Villeneuve expected more.

"It was a great drive from Vettel, he won it at the start," he told "He was aggressive. When you see what the Mercedes was capable of, you just have to look at Lewis and Bottas wasn't up to pace. It's embarrassing for Bottas. Lewis finished around three seconds behind him when he started from the pits.


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"It's embarrassing. He simply is not on the pace of Hamilton. It's been like that all year. That's his level. Which is a good number two."

Bottas and Vettel are battling for second place in the championship, and with only one race left, Bottas knows he will need a miracle, saying:

"[...] Definitely disappointed after a good day on Saturday, and obviously not so good for me on the battle we have for the second place of the championship. He's got quite a good lead now so we need some miracles in Abu Dhabi."