This heartbreaking craigslist ad shows the dangers of leaving it all behind


Life is hard. Sometimes we all fantasize about getting away from it all, starting a new life in some exotic locale miles and miles away from our troubles. Some even dream of selling all of their possessions and living on the road. This dream seems enticing as long as you don't think about it for too long.

What will I do for money? What will life be like without a bathroom or a kitchen? Reality has a way of stopping these excursions before they begin, but some, like Matthew Schaefer and his girlfriend, throw caution to the wind and set out on a grand adventure consequences be damned.

It's inspiring, really. But also a cautionary tale, as this Cragslist ad's highlights clearly indicate:


"This is an emergency this is not a joke I am literally stuck living in this truck in below-freezing temperatures until someone comes and buys it I've got my life in a real mess and I need your help bad I'm going to let this truck go and all the equipment inside of it for less than half of what I believe it would be worth because I need help right now and I'm just downright scared.

[...] I'm stranded in the mountains in Bishop California with nowhere to go. Cold weather is coming and I don't know what to do I'm getting really scared and I can't sleep at night anymore I'm stuck in this truck full time. I don't have enough gas money to really take off and get out of here I started an expedition with this vehicle 180 days ago and moved into it full time. Two weeks ago my girlfriend and Expedition partner left, took a flight out of Reno and left me high and dry. I have been failing ever since and now I'm just about out of money I just want to get home but I'm stuck out here with this truck and not enough gas money to get anywhere and the freezing cold temperatures are starting to scare me so I'm going to have to let the truck go and go save myself. I need help fast. I don't have money for hotels and I'm literally stuck out here living in the truck until someone comes and buys it I really need your help and I'm really scared this is not a joke.

The truck has been very good to us and it's never given us any trouble and never not started. It's full of all my Expedition gear that I'm going to have to surrender to the buyer because I have nowhere to put it I'm going to have to leave the truck with a backpack. Below you'll find a list of all the gear and Equipment included in this sale these items are not included in the price you can just have them I have nothing to do with them it's just going to be a total loss for me but a total win for you and I don't mind that so long as someone can use or sell these items. I just want to go home."

Jalopnik contacted the seller, to make sure this story was legit, and encountered an honest, scared man that just got in over his head. His girlfriend left because she just couldn't take the stress of life on the road, and after unsuccessfully trying to find work, Schaeffer just wants to cut his losses and stay with a friend until he can get back on his feet.

He would love to get back out on the road in the future, but has learned his lesson. Much more planning will go into his next adventure, and he will pick his destination based on work, not what would make the prettiest Instagram posts.

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