This Toyota Corolla iM turned drift car pays tribute to a classic


The Toyota Corolla iM is NOT supposed to do THIS.

But that was before Papadakis Racing team got hold on one of these cuties and turned it into a beast.  Jalopnik reports that this dandy produces 1,000 hp and 850 ft-lbs. of torque from, "a turbocharged, nitrous-fed 2.4-liter four-cylinder Toyota 2AR engine that runs on E85."  When 2015 Formula Drift world champion Frederic Aasbo gets behind the wheel, this little Toyota becomes something special.

Fans of 90's Japanese Manga will recognize this video as a remake of the opening sequence of "Initial D." While no one will confuse a stock 2017 Corolla iM for the AE86, this version is a good homage to the legend.


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