[Video] World’s most expensive Ford F750

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With a $6 million price tag, this may be the world's most expensive Ford Super Duty F750. It started off with all the basic package, a 6.7 L inline 6 cylinder turbocharged diesel engine with 385 hp and 1,200 lb-ft of torque. The standard options end there. This reimagining creates a fully functional extreme RV. Yep, an RV! We don't mean just a covered truck bed either.

An Ultimate tailgate and race day companion

Or whatever you want to hit the road for. Peter Dunkel of Dunkel Industries is pushing the envelope on the RV experience. Diving into the possibilities of time, space, and physics, this mash-up of RV and pickup truck was a personal project of Dunkel.

Luxury is not spared in this Ford F-750 transformation. It features a full kitchen, bathroom, dining room, living room, all with enough space to sleep 6 people. On top of all that, it can still carry 4 tons of cargo in the truck bed. The truck bed is wide enough to haul a full-sized car, and room up top for additional off-road bikes. Just roll your additional vehicles onto the truck bed and go. No more towing hitches or concerns when taking turns. But of course, you will still have the towing power to do so.

Modifications were necessary to create this RV transformation, including the widening of the body by 22 in (11" in both directions). This Dunkel creation is about 12 feet tall and the roof clasps are switched for Hummer locks to allow the extra height, creating space to stand upright inside. There is storage everywhere. The outside has 12 storage spaces, with enough space for a full-size folding table. In the back, 4 storage compartments house ramps to drive your vehicle onto the bed. Another area for storage at the top sits just above the two awnings. Inside, seats fold and flip to produce tables and beds. Panels open to reveal closet space behind the flat screen TV. The back-row bench has two pull out tables for eating or office space.

Keeping everyone comfortable is made easy with an 18,000 BTU air conditioner and heater - much larger than needed for the space. It will keep every nook of the cab cool or hot enough. Dunkel trucks are clearly going to be the tailgate kings this football season and around the race track.

This model went up for bid but failed to sell, only getting a bid of $50,000. How much would you pay for this F750 Dunkel RV creation?