The latest Dodge Demon teaser is all about TransBrake


Dodge continues to tease each tiny feature before the Challenger Demon's release. This time the focus is on something called TransBrake. Dodge says that this feature will improve launches even further over traditional launch control by eliminating the need to press the brake pedal. Instead, releasing the paddle shifter is supposed to be quicker.

The system locks the output shaft of the transmission and can "preload" the drivetrain so that it is ready to launch quicker than anything before it. Another advantage to eschewing the brake held launches is that skinny, drag spec tires can be put up front and the launch will not suffer as a result of lessened front brake grip on the skinnier tires.

All of this to say, the Demon will practically drag race itself. As long as you know how to use its systems and keep her straight down the strip, you too can put up amazing 1/4 mile times.

The more we hear about this car, the more it seems like the only difference between it and a dedicated drag car is that you don't have to trailer it to the track.


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