The Dodge Demon cools its own intake charge


At this point we're running out of adjectives to describe the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon. Because Dodge insists on leaking one aspect of the a car per week, there isn't much left to say. The car is fast, powerful and ground breaking.

The latest info is about the intake system. We've all had some crazy idea that we dismiss as too far out there to work. For Dodge, they ignored that instinct and hooked up the air conditioning to the intake.

They don't say exactly how, but they can cool the air 45 degrees before it is ingested by the engine using the air conditioning. Obviously, running the air conditioning in a drag car is strange. Claiming to gain power by using a system that robs power can usually be dismissed as a perpetual motion machine, that is to say impossible. However, if the AC compressor only robs X amount of power, and the cooler air coaxes 2X power out of the engine, it is in fact a gain.

We just want to know how they did it.


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