NASCAR doing their 'due diligence' looking into the latest controversy

Tape-gate is a lazily named controversy that has been swirling since the playoff race at Chicagoland.

Claims of an additional 30-50 pounds of downforce or an improvement of .2 seconds per lap have been flying around Reddit after pictures and video claimed to show the number 24 team of Chase Elliot removing tape from the spoiler of their second place car before post-race inspection. The Reddit post had since been updated to clarify that there is no video of the team adding the tape, but the existence of tape at all and the possible removal before inspection is worth looking into.

SiriusXMNASCAR's Jim Noble confirmed that NASCAR will look into the allegations:

Whether or not a thin strip of tape really affects the car as much as claimed, NASCAR needs to get to the bottom of this. There could be a perfectly innocent explanation for the tape, but the possibility of some sneaky rule-bending is much more fun to think about.

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