RPMotorsports will announce its sponsor Friday, and Bubba Wallace may have dropped a huge hint

Back in September -- when Bubba Wallace still didn't have a ride and was looking for a sponsor -- he put together this hilarious video targeting this one potential partner. Wallace went to the golf course and played with a man dressed as a pizza in an attempt to convince Domino's Pizza that they should sponsor him next season

As it turns out, that spot not only for the attention of Domino's Pizza (see below), but it also made the company some money. It made $12,500, to be exact in social media value, according to MVPIndex.

Here's where the hint comes in. Wallace, on his Twitter account, posted this, less than two days before Richard Petty Motorsports is set to announce who his sponsor will be.

As I mentioned, Domino's sent this out after the initial video.


Here's what Wallace's 43 car might look like with the Domino's sponsorship, based on some magic by NASCAR on Reddit.

All of this could just be noise and mean nothing, but it's certainly interesting.

It was a clever way for Wallace to approach Domino's about the sponsorship, and on Friday, we'll see who the driver of the No. 43 will have on his car.

(h/t Adam Stern, Bob Pockrass)