Here’s how you can avoid spinning on ice — and what to do if it happens YouTube screen shot

If you’ve ever driven on snowy or icy roads, then you know they can be downright treacherous.

Knowing how to operate a vehicle and maneuver one properly can make all of the difference while driving in the wintery conditions, and the video above does a good job of showing what how you should handle this heart-stopping moment.

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First of all there are three things to do in order to reduce the chance of sliding out of control while driving in inclement weather

  1. Stay aware of weather conditions
  2. Slow down to 45 mph or less when icy roads are imminent or in progress
  3. Respond appropriately to slides

While those steps can help to avoid a slide, sometimes there is no way of avoiding one, so knowing how to correct one, can be a valuable skill. There are three things to remember when trying to correct a slide.

  1. Don’t hit the brakes, braking can not only trigger a slide, but it can make one worse.
  2. Turn into the slide, turn the steering wheel into the same direction in which the rear tires are sliding. As the car straightens, the steering wheel can be straightened as well.
  3. Don’t panic and over-correct, remain calm and when trying to correct the steer, don’t turn the wheel too much.

Remember these points when driving this winter, they could be the difference in staying safe.

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