NASCAR is not happy with one of its top drivers and let him know it

To cone or not to cone? Denny Hamlin, with his actions at Bristol on Saturday night, has brought the issue to the forefront -- and NASCAR isn't happy.

To  recap, Hamlin admitted to slowing down and going to pit road so he could start where he wanted on a restart.

While NASCAR officials are discussing the  possibility of using the "cone rule" at short tracks such as Bristol Motor Speedway, they're not happy with Hamlin's strategy.

We're certainly going to look at it," NASCAR senior vice president of competition Scott Miller said on SiriusXM NASCAR Radio show.  "What we saw go on that everybody is talking about was pretty obvious. Ironically, it didn't quite work out. Sometimes those things don't.

No, that's not something that we want because we don't need accidents at the end of pit road with people checking up. We'll figure out how we'll address that one and try to move on. Really only kind of comes into play at a few places. We know when it's possibly going to happen, so we'll try to address that."

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Hamlin's strategy didn't exactly work out, but he still finished in the top three. NASCAR officials could decide on something before the 2018 season begins.