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Russian Tractor Racing Is Real and It's Incredible

Clearly, relations between the United States and Russia have not been all that smooth as of late. To be honest, USA-Russia relations haven't exactly been fantastic for quite some time now, but especially recently, with more information coming out regarding Russia's role in election meddling and other nefarious allegations, it's hard to find all too much common ground between us and them. At least when you take the latest world news into account.

Diplomatic issues aside, Russia does have at least one thing that members of both countries can agree is pretty fantastic. I give you, Russian tractor racing.

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Taking place every summer in Russia's Rostov Region, the Bison Track Show showcases tractors hurtling through muddy tracks at speeds hovering around 60 MPH. This past June, almost 15,000 people showed up for the 16th annual tractor show, which pitted 28 drivers against each other in a grueling five-hour race.

Organized to get kids in Russia excited about agriculture (because nothing screams "agriculture!" like a high-octane tractor race in the mud), this year's race saw tractors actually colliding with each other, with one tractor even flipping over as a result of the testy terrain. No one ended up being injured, but wow, if that isn't some intense offroad epicness, I don't know what is.

With tractor drivers having to deal with temperatures of more than 120 degrees Fahrenheit in their cabins, competing in a high-intensity tractor race probably isn't something you'd want to just jump right into without a lengthy training process.

It is pretty damn fun to watch though. Hey, Brian France, take notes. In case you couldn't tell before, people actually enjoy watching dirt races.

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